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What you will learn?

Global healthcare is constantly evolving, and participants need to stay updated on industry best practices, compliances, legal matters, patient engagement, COVID, etc. The easiest way to stay on top of the latest trends and learn about the most important topics related to medical tourism is to take the Certified Medical Travel Agent course. One of the primary reasons why Gilliam Elliott created this course was to eliminate the grueling task of building a healthcare travel company from scratch. The information in this training will allow you to avoid the daunting “trial and error” period that most startups go through. This easy-to-follow accreditation has saved startups and individuals worldwide both time and money by covering every part of medical travel and teaching students step-by-step how to create a successful medical tourism company.

Find Out How To Start A Medical Tourism Company From Scratch

Learn “Best Practices” In Global Healthcare

Understand The Needs of Medical Travelers And Key Stakeholders

Learn About Revenue Models, Risk Management, and Marketing

About Your Coach – Gilliam Elliott

Gill has helped thousands of people and organizations worldwide take themselves to the next level by showing them how to implement the “best practices” in global healthcare. He has spent nearly a decade consulting and training people on the topic of healthcare travel. He has had the unique opportunity to observe what techniques and strategies get the absolute best outcomes during this time.

He has taken on the painstaking task of compiling his wealth of industry knowledge and packing it into this twelve-hour medical tourism certification course. He has also collaborated with some of the most successful industry-leading companies so that students can benefit from their expertise.

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    What is Medical Tourism?

    In general terms, medical tourism means traveling outside of one’s immediate community for healthcare. Typically, people who travel for healthcare are seeking access to higher quality or cost savings.

    When most people speak of medical tourism, they often refer to an individual searching for medical treatment outside their home country.

    However, it also refers to traveling from one state to another for a medical procedure. In certain circumstances, it may not be necessary to leave the country.

    The sad reality is that in some country’s healthcare is very expensive. Similarly, many people do not have adequate healthcare plans to cover their medical costs at an affordable rate. For example, in the United States of America, the cost of medical treatment has been skyrocketing. For this reason, many people have had to look for new options to save money on medical care.

    One might ask, what countries are the best to travel to for a healthcare procedure? Well, certain countries are famous for specific operations. One country may be the go-to country for cosmetic surgery, while the other might be known for dentistry.

    If done correctly, it is a safe, adventurous, and cost-effective way to access healthcare.

    Why Has Medical Tourism Been Booming in Recent Times?

    The fact that medical tourism is growing has not gone unnoticed. Many researchers have observed this and have given themselves the task of discovering the reasons behind it. Among the ones they have found, the following are worth mentioning:


    • Price – Many people are willing to travel miles to save money on costly medical care in their home country. For people in the US, UK, and Australia, the price of medical treatment abroad can be anywhere from 20% to 80% lower than the cost in their nation of origin.
    • Waiting Times – It is well known that when it comes to getting treatment in certain countries, you have to wait, sometimes for a month and in many cases several months. This is an obvious obstacle, especially if your problem is urgent. Faced with this scenario, it is normal to look for other options.
    • Lack of Access to Healthcare – The healthcare market can have as many flaws as any other marketplace. And when a country does not have certain treatments or the process does not work, many see their lives endangered and choose to travel elsewhere for healthcare.
    • Underinsured and Uninsured Individuals – Instead of paying high out-of-pocket costs, many people look to other countries for more affordable healthcare options.

    About the Online Course?

    Today, accreditations influence patients and help them determine which agencies they can trust. Due to COVID-19, medical tourism accreditations are no longer “good to have.” They are now a “must-have.”

    This course was designed for students to gather essential information while retaining important details at the same time. We achieve this by providing students with videos, news clips, graphs, and charts throughout each course module. We also accomplish this by giving students a quiz at the end of each chapter, which is a great way to learn and retain information.

    By obtaining the appropriate health and wellness training, you can learn industry “best practices” and methods to maximize the growth of your business. This certification program makes you stand out from other professionals in medical tourism and demonstrates that you are committed to learning. It will give you an in-depth insight into profit-generating methods, which is particularly valuable for a startup business. The more you learn, the more you earn, and this allows you to help more clients.

    Why Become Certified?

    The Certified Medical Travel Agent Course raises the bar for individuals and organizations involved in the medical tourism sector. Throughout the course, you will get facts, statistics, and proven strategies from medical travel experts that will provide you with extremely valuable and easy-to-follow content. This material addresses every question that someone starting a medical tourism company will have.

    • Learn How to Market a Medical Tourism Company Successfully
    • Increase Trust and Credibility with Your Clients
    • Decrease Your Risk and Liability
    • Find Out What Motivates Patients to Utilize Medical Tourism
    • Learn About Business Models, Hospital Partnerships, and Branding
    • Understand Medical Travelers Needs and Wants
    • Find Out How to Attract International Patients
    • Learn How to Coordinate a World-Class Trip for Your Clients

    Course Curriculum Overview

    This training is for medical travel agents, medical tourism facilitators, and people interested in learning about global healthcare.

    • Introduction to Global Healthcare
    • Medical Tourism Facts & Figures
    • The Role of a Medical Tourism Facilitator
    • What Motivates Traveling Patients?
    • Revenue Models for Facilitators
    • Wellness Tourism
    • Medical Travel Broken Down into Steps
    • Creating the Best Patient Experience
    • Reducing Clients Exposure to Infections
    • Partnering with Healthcare Providers
    • Risk Management & Contract Guidelines
    • Communicating Effectively with Prospects
    • Attracting International Patients Online
    • After Care and Continuum of Care
    • What Are Self-Funded Employers?
    • Final Exam

    What Comes with This Online Certification?

    • Access to the Course and Study Material 24/7
    • 12 + Hours of Learning and Training
    • 16 Easy-to-Follow Modules
    • Practice Quizzes at the End of Each Module
    • Digital Workbook for Students
    • 100 Multiple Choice Questions
    • Has Sections on COVID-19 and Infectious Diseases
    • Educational Graphs, Charts, Videos, News Clips, and

    Promote Yourself as a Certified Facilitator

    This certification program makes you stand out from other professionals in medical tourism and demonstrates that you are committed to learning.

    The most effective way to market yourself and set yourself apart from competitors is to use our certification seal on your promotional material and social media outlets (i.e., business cards, marketing brochures, website, etc.)


    What makes this certification different from others?

    This accreditation was created specifically for medical tourism facilitators, which sets it apart from other training programs. Each course module has been carefully structured to help individuals and companies who coordinate medical trips for patients.

    We pride ourselves on providing students with in-depth insight into the everyday responsibilities, opportunities, and threats present in medical tourism. Having worked with thousands of medical tourism facilitators over the years, we know what your company needs to lay the foundation of success right from the beginning. We truly understand the challenges and obstacles businesses are likely to encounter when they first step into medical tourism.

    Is there a workbook for this certification program?

    All study material and resources needed for the course are built into the online platform.

    Who are the instructors for the course?

    This course features medical tourism experts like Gilliam Elliott. He has been working with medical tourism facilitators, international hospitals, clinics, governments, and other industry stakeholders since 2012.

    How do I sign up for the course?

    You will receive a unique link from [email protected], which will allow you to create your student profile. Once the account is created, you will need to create a username and password to log into the course.

    Is the course offered in person or online?

    The course is only offered online and can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection.

    Is this certification for facilitators worldwide?

    Yes, the course was created for facilitators and medical tourism companies worldwide.

    Who can I reach out to for additional information about the online certification?

    For more information, you can email [email protected]

    Is there a discount if multiple people on our team get certified?

    Yes, we provide discount packages for groups.

    How and when will I get my exam results?

    After each question, you will see whether you answered it correctly or incorrectly. Once you finish your final exam, you will be shown the final score and a pass/fail status.

    What score do I need to pass the course?

    You need a minimum grade of 75% on the final exam to pass the course.