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The sad reality is that in some country’s healthcare procedures are very expensive. Similarly, many people do not have adequate healthcare plans to cover their medical costs at an affordable rate. For example, in the United States of America the cost of medical treatments has been skyrocketing. For this reason, many people have had to look for new options to save money on healthcare.

So, what’s the solution to this growing problem? Medical tourism. Of all the options available to people, medical tourism has proven to be the most successful, by helping people access higher quality of care while saving a tremendous amount on cost. This is a statement that millions of people who’ve utilized it can attest to. If done correctly, it is a safe, adventurous and cost-effective way to access healthcare.

What is Medical Tourism?

Medical tourism is the search for medical treatment outside of your home country. In other words, it means leaving your nation of origin and visiting others in order to find different options. These, of course, are much better in terms of quality and price.

However, it also refers to traveling from one state to another for a medical procedure. In certain circumstances it may not be necessary to leave the country where you live. So in general terms, it means traveling outside of your immediate community for healthcare. Typically, people who travel for healthcare are seeking access to higher quality or to save on cost. However, one might ask what countries are the best to travel to for a healthcare procedure.

Well there are certain countries that are popular for specific procedures, one country might be the go to country for cosmetic procedures, while the other country might be known for dentistry. Each medical tourist must do their due diligence.

Researching Doctors and Medical Tourism Destinations

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Why Has Medical Tourism Been Booming in Recent Times?

The fact that medical tourism is growing has not gone unnoticed. Many researchers have noticed it and have given themselves the task of discovering the reasons behind it. Among the ones they have found, the following are worth mentioning:

  • Waiting lists. It is well known that in certain countries when it comes to getting a treatment you have to wait, sometimes for a month and in many cases several months. This is an obvious obstacle, especially if your problem is urgent. Faced with this scenario, it is normal to look for other options.
  • Unfavorable organization. The health market can have as many failures as any other. And when a country does not have certain treatments or the process does not work, many see their lives endangered and choose to travel elsewhere for healthcare.
  • Insurance and Cost Savings. These policies, although they presume to be blameless, often have flaws. For example, they do not cover certain operations or medications. Instead of paying high out of pocket costs a lot of people look to other countries.

Advantages of This Alternative

Low cost

There are times when people can’t afford an operation or have to spend their life savings or retirement money on a medical procedure. Nothing could be more distressing than that. Fortunately, today health tourism is an option that a lot of people are utilizing to save on medical costs. Medical tourism can allow you to save up to 60 or 80 percent when compared to places like the US.


Above we point out that waiting lists are a reason some opt for medical travel. Here we emphasize it, since it becomes one of the main advantages. It happens that in some places an operation is not available.

It is preferable, in that case, that you go abroad to look for another medical institution that offers the treatment.

Quality of Care

Graduates of the best medical universities can be found all around the globe and especially in international hospitals that promote medical travel. Consequently, if you opt for medical tourism, you may be treated by one of them. This is particularly advantageous if the treatment you are looking for is very modern or complicated.

Popular Treatments

Medical tourism has many treatments available. This is due to the number of nations participating in it. It must also be taken into account that this list is continually expanding. However, there are some that are more frequent:

  • Dentistry. It covers all types, whether general or restorative.
  • Treatments for weight loss. Gastric bypass and LAP-Band procedures are usually used for this option, but there are several different treatments.
  • Cosmetic surgeries. These are of all kinds.
  • Orthopedic treatments. This includes sports medicine.
  • Reproductive tests and IVF. Both female and male.
  • Cancer treatment. This includes chemotherapy.
  • Medical examinations. They serve to evaluate your state of health.